Dirty Harry and the snow shovel

Jon and Teresa Zachery

A man has to know his limitations.
But that’s not all a man has to know. For instance, a man needs to know how to get the most amount of the most important work done in the shortest time for the least effort. A man needs to be in spiritual communion with his environment. A man has to have his priorities straight.
Case in point:
The back patio (Top pic) today doesn’t look much different from Monday when I scooped a path to the grill. Northern exposure in the back. No need to scoop the whole patio. I wasn’t going to be sitting out there. I wasn’t going to get the mower out of the shed. Review principal points of philosophy from para. 2. Yep. Hit ‘em all.
Now look at the driveway pic from today. Monday, it had two inches of snow on it just like the back patio did. But. But it has a southern exposure. Southern exposure sun loves to eat snow off driveways, if the temp climbs above twenty-five. So, what I did, I snowplowed my snow shovel done the left side of the drive, then down the right side, and then down the middle. Took four minutes. Scooping the whole drive takes forty-five minutes. Since I was in communion with my environment—and I have a weather app—I knew we were having a warm up today. Lo. Review principal points of philosophy from para. 2. Yep. Hit them all.
Dirty Harry knew some stuff, but he didn’t know everything.