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Jon and Teresa Zachery

Take Ten with J. J. Zerr, Author of “War Stories”

A big thanks to Coffee and Critique member, author J. J (Jack) Zerr, for agreeing to be featured on the Coffee and Critique blog. Jack is a hard-working writer who has published several novels. His most recent publication is a collection of short stories titled War Stories.   In case you haven’t guessed from the photo of him below, taken during one of …

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Reading experience

Lately, I’ve taken to combining a pair of books and I’ve found the reading experience doubly enlightening and enjoyable. On Writing, by Stephen King. Draft No. 4, On the Writing Process, by John McPhee. One of my writer friends told me about the Stephen King book. I found the McPhee book in an independent bookstore in the …

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Jon and Teresa Zachery


Ice on the Missouri River near the Lewis and Clark boat house in St. Charles MO. So winter came to town on Christmas Eve Eve. We had a white Christmas, and aside from a couple of warm days, we’ve had a lot of can’t-quite-make-it-to-freezing-from-the-bottom kind. This is like the winters we had around here in the …

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I am Jack Reacher

Actually, I am Jack Zerr, altitudinally disabled compared to JR. I guess I just wish I could be him. Sometimes. And of course ever since Tom Cruise played him in the movie, well, it kind of super amplified my wishing. Anyway, I just finished reading the latest Jack Reacher story, “The Midnight Line.” I pretty …

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A tree

A tree

The summer was dry. Fall colors were projected to be rather blah. But, as it turned out the colors of autumn, in our area, were as glorious as I’ve seen them, in the—Glorioski, can it be true?—twenty-one years we’ve lived in this place. Resplendent trees arrayed in ambers, burgundies, reds, yellows, golds line the roads and …

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