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Jon and Teresa Zachery J.J Zerr is the go-to author for anyone seeking a thrilling and thought-provoking read. With a variety of genres to choose from, his books are sure to leave you eagerly turning the pages to see what happens next.


Jon and Teresa Zachery
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From One Old Man's Perspective:
The Book That Will Equip You to Speak Out Against the Woke
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COP Corner

Gregory George Notso Normal, and five of his buds, after a couple of beers at the American Legion Post, decide to take on the woke, politically correct crowd. These woke, politically incorrect whippersnappers fill the World Wide Web with their truth. Which in most cases is not the truth at all. Notso and the five form COPs, Curmudgeonly Old Poops. They decide to put the real truth, COP-truth out there. That will set the whippersnappers straight

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The North

Navy lieutenant Jon Zachery is making a second deployment to Vietnam as a carrier pilot. On his first cruise, most of his combat missions involved bombing trees, making toothpicks. The Intel Officers are saying this second deployment will not invelve making toothpicks. They will be flying UP NORTH, where they shoot everything, including the kitchen sink, at you. At home Teresa worries and waits. And prays.

Book One: The Ensign Locker

Ensign Jon Zachery does not intend to make a career in the US Navy. He intends to serve his time, get out, get a job, and live happily ever after with his wife Teresa and daughter Jennifer. Anti-war protestors shattered the dream on the Night of the Dog Poop.

Book Two: Sundown Town Duty Station

Anti-war protestors said, “Hell no, we won’t go.” Lieutenant (junior grade) Jon Zachery said, “I will.” He and his wife Teresa expected flight training in Meridian, Mississippi, to be tough. They did not expect the KKK to terrorize them and their two small children.

Book Three: The Junior Officer Bunkroom

Lieutenant Jon Zachery’s carrier brings him to the Tonkin Gulf in the fall of 1970. The missions he flies are piece-of-cake milk runs. He thinks it’s not much of a war. Back home, his wife Teresa worries like it’s one heck of a war. On the last flight of the cruise, it turns out Teresa wasn’t worried near enough.

Book Four: A Ticket to Hell on Other Men’s Sins

After the 1970/71 deployment to Vietnam, Lieutenant Jon Zachery’s squadron is scheduled to decommission. Teresa is overjoyed he will not fly more combat missions. But the US Navy has another idea. Jon and his squadron will return to Nam. During preps for the deployment, Jon winds up doing more fighting than he had over Vietnam and Laos, and this with his own squadron-mates. Meanwhile, Teresa, pregnant with their third child, is hospitalized in hopes of preventing a miscarriage. Peacetime is hell, Jon Zachery thinks.

Other Published Books

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Holy Crusade

In 1858, Found Grace Church in northeastern Illinois decides to relocate to Kansas. There they will vote to keep the state free, rather than allow it to fall to those who supported the abomination of slavery. The pastor, Preacher Larrimer, declares the wagon train trip a Holy Crusade. Eighteen-year-old Addison John Freeman has another concern. He wants to marry Lizbeth, and he is sure she is attracted to him, too. But he needs his father’s permission. After Pa refuses, Addison spends the night in despair rather than in sleep. A dozen wagons embark on the journey, but their progress is excruciatingly slow. Larrimer appoints Joshua Reedley as Wagon Master, and just in time. Not only does he spur the crusaders to make more miles every day, he knows how to organize defense against abolitionist haters. The crusaders encounter a number of these on the way to their destination, but it is nothing compared to their reception in Bloody Kansas. Addison Freeman turns out to be a good wagon train scout. However, he struggles to get over the loss of Lizbeth, and wonders if he will ever find a woman to love, who will love him in return.

Who Am I

Five year-old Eddie Walsh thinks he’s special. As he journeys through grade and high schools, he finds out why he was special, and by the time he is able to answer: Who Am I.

The Ghost of Chateau du Chasse

Bill Marshall is a senior US Navy fighter pilot, who will not make admiral. During his career, he spoke his mind too often to the wrong superior officers.

Noble Deeds

Navy Captain Pete Adler has arrived at the pinnacle of a US Navy career. He is the commanding officer of an aircraft carrier.

Guerilla Bride

It is 1860, and Emerson Sharp has grown from a boy into a handsome man. Ever since he can remember, his father has governed every aspect of his life.

War Stories

Joe Bob is a pilot who has been taught everything about flying from his war veteran father. Two weeks before Joe Bob is set to leave for college and the United States Navy ROTC program, his pop purposely pilots his plane into power lines and kills himself.

The Happy Life of Preston Katt: A Novel

it is December 7, 1941, in Pearl Harbor when Seaman Second Class Preston Katt sneaks back aboard the USS Callahan after a night of debauchery with a fellow trouble-seeking seaman. After a short night, Katt awakens with a hangover. Two hours after reveille, the Japanese attack.