Ice on the Missouri River near the Lewis and Clark boat house in St. Charles MO. So winter came to town on Christmas Eve Eve. We had a white Christmas, and aside from a couple of warm days, we’ve had a lot of can’t-quite-make-it-to-freezing-from-the-bottom kind. 
This is like the winters we had around here in the olden times. You know the ones where school kids walked six miles through six-foot snow drifts and uphill both ways? Back in those days, when I was in grade school, I do not remember a winter where we didn’t do a fair amount of ice skating. In recent years, it’s rare to have the sustained low temps needed, but this year, ponds and lakes have supported the activity. 
Ah, the good old days. Good not because of the ice skating, but because we could walk to school without packing a taser and pepper spray.